Tax Returns

For many people, a Tax Return form fills them with fear!

A request to complete a form like this can be daunting as many people struggle to understand the complex document and often do not complete them correctly.

The constant changes in tax legislation means not only are the Tax Return Forms becoming even more difficult to understand but also that you the tax payer run the risk of incurring penalties.

The penalties are incurred for failing to complete this form on time or that the information supplied is incorrect or that not enough information is presented.

At Kelly & Company Accountants we are here to help and can complete this form for you, ensuring that it is completed correctly and on time, removing the worry and stress away.

We can also save you money, not only through you avoiding paying more tax then you should, but also by avoiding late penalties and interest that seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year!

With the constant changes in dates for submission as well as new forms being issued that help compound the problem we can ensure you are up to date at all times through out the year!!

With every client we also like to give you peace of mind so always keep you informed of what tax is due (if any) and when payments are to be made.

Please feel free to contact us about how Kelly & Company Accountants can help you and we look forward to receiving your call.